Wendell and Eddie Gannon sorting out a daily financial report.

The building Gannon Art Center is now in was once Thedford Hardware. The original facade of the building has been restored.

About Us

Wendell Gannon had worked for the insurance company for years; his wife Dorothy (aka Dot) had her hands full with 4 children. Dot always had a passion for art and although her brothers and sisters admit she wasn’t the most talented artist at the beginning, she practiced and she studied. When they moved to Chattanooga from Murfreesboro, TN, Dot went to work for George Little at the Little Art Shop on Frazier. Over the years, Wendell began to work with the Little’s as well. Eventually, George Little opened a new Little Art Shop on Brainerd Rd. The Littles also hired on Eddie Gannon at the Frazier Ave. store as their framer. As the Littles aged, they developed a relationship with Wendell and Dorothy, so that when they began downsizing, they offered to sell the Brainerd store to the Gannons. With the kids mostly out of the house, this was their dream; finally, something to call their own. Eddie Gannon left the Frazier Ave. business to work with his father and they renamed the business. They loved Gannon Art Center and all that came with it: the hard work, the late nights, and especially the customers. The rest, as they say, is history. The Gannon family now refers to Gannon Art Center, endearingly, as “the Shop". We have been fortunate to have such great customers over the years. They come back often enough to become our family.

Chattanooga's Premier Custom Framing Destination

Dot and Wendell at one of her art showings.