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Liz Lindstrom


15 x 20

Liz Lindstrom


13 x 26


L i z   l i n d s t r o m

Liz Lindstrom has always been surrounded by beautiful art. The desire to be an artist began in high school as she contemplated her future upon graduation. After three semesters of apprenticeship with Bart Lindstrom and four months abroad, Lindstrom found her niche in figurative art. 

Lindstrom's inspiration for her artwork and portraiture comes from her appreciation of the human spirit. This enthusiasm stems from a love of people and what makes them unique.

When asked to describe her work, Lindstrom says, "Creating is natural for me, so my art has a very unhurried, comfortable feel. I love to show others how I see the world, allowing them to see through my eyes. I want the viewer to be amazed at the beauty of human life and with whom we are surrounded."