Born and raised in Chattanooga, TN,  Maddin Corey received a BA Degree from The University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.  Chattanooga is the home of a great number of remarkable artists.  She has studied under many of these, and other nationally renowned artists  at our local (fabulous!) Townsend Atelier, and have participated in workshops across the Southeast.

In the art world, there are, actually,  essential rules to which she tries her best to adhere. Corey has been taught by some of the best, the importance of understanding, and using to her advantage, the principles of color theory, hard vs. soft edges, focal point placement... Her goal is to successfully demonstrate this knowledge on the canvas, and in so doing, create work that is striking, not banal.  There is no "hit or miss" or "luck" in fine art.

Degas once said, "It is easy to paint when you don't know how. It is not easy to paint when you do". 

* 2010 (Marie‚Äôs First Perm) Tennessee Portrait Society's  "Top Ten in Tennessee" Portrait Artist
* 2017  (Birthday Boy) and 2022  (My Maddin) Portrait Society of America's Members Only Competition Finalist



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